Humans are the reason why sharks are now critically endangered. In order to save their species, we need to educate ourselves and others. We need to urgently rethink our relationship with sharks and our behaviour as a species.  When the consumption of shark products stops, so will the supply. We are the only hope they have.

Be part of the change and help shark species thrive again.

volunteer with us!

We have several opportunities for volunteering and can cater to your skills and interests. 

Volunteer with us at an outreach stall, film screening or hold your own information stall:
Holding public outreach stalls is one of the main ways we raise awareness, raise funds for the organisation and connect with the public. You can help save sharks by volunteering with us at one of our stalls or film screenings or by creating and holding an event yourself. At our stalls and events we have educational materials, petitions for people to sign, as well as merchandise. As a volunteer at one of these events, you hold an important role in educating the public.

Another great way to raise awareness is to hold a beach clean in your local community. Beach cleans are a great way to engage other like-minded individuals as well as invite and connect with new people. 
Help create awareness of the problems facing our world -- including the destruction and exploitation of marine wildlife worldwide.

Most people do not have a clue what is happening to sharks in our oceans and how important they are for our own survival. If people do not know, they cannot help the change happen.

Join us and help us defend our beloved sharks. We need as many people as we can to get the sharks’ voice heard. There are many ways in which you can contribute depending on your time and skills.

Get in touch with your expression of interest by contacting us at

Educate yourself and others

Here are some great documentaries you can watch and share with friends:


Consume wisely

Avoid shark products such as: flake (meat), shark fin soup and shark fin products, health supplements made from squalene and shark liver, shark tooth necklaces and ensure that your cosmetic products do not contain squalene.

Sharks are very vulnerable to being caught as 'non-target species' in commercial fisheries (also known as bycatch). In Australia, sharks are caught as bycatch primarily in tuna fisheries. If you consume any wild-caught tuna, you are contributing to the decimation of shark species through bycatch. 

Similarly, fishmeal is one of the main foods fed to farm animals in intensive agricultural practices. Therefore, if you consume any animal that has been fed fish (from the aquacultural industry) you are indirectly supporting the killing of shark populations. 

Make your voice heard

There are regular actions in Australia aimed at defending sharks. You can attend peaceful protests, demonstrations, flyer outreach events, as well as gather signatures on petitions. As well as attending these type of events, you can also create and start your own.  One great way to start a local campaign is by speaking to your local MP about the use of shark meat and shark fin products in your region. Support any call to action for the protection of sharks and the creation of more marine parks. If you have any questions about how to help, create your own event or run your own campaign, we are happy to help! Join us in those actions and let decision makers know that sharks matter.

distribute educational materials

An easy way for everyone to help save sharks is to distribute educational material. You can place flyers in local restaurants, supermarkets and retail stores, such as surf shops. Letterbox dropping is another simple way to help raise awareness within your community, reaching people that may not usually be exposed to such information.


Help us ensure sharks have a future by supporting our work. We are a small not for profit and we critically need your help. There is no such thing as a too small contribution. 

We are getting our online donation feature ready at this time, please contact us to donate.